Method 1


strong>Your antivirus tells you the client has viruses?
We assure you our client is not virused. Our size and standars can't allow this kind of problem. The reason of the antivirus notification and raports are because of the change of the extansion ''.m2r'', recognizing the files as suspicious and repulsive. It often happens that the antivirus to block the opening of the game. The solution is closing the antivirus or allowing the client to run.

Unknown errors appears??
For Windows 7 users or Vista, you have to rule and be able to play with Administrator rights. You can do this by right click on the executable and next 'Run As Administrator'. If you have Windows XP, install Net Framework to avoid the following problems.

Error on the files in metin2client.bin?
The only solution is to allow opening this file by your antivirus, or closing it. If the file was been deleted, copy 'this' the file and paste it in the specific folder, then run the game with administrator rights.

Your keyboard is not functional?/strong>
If you have Windows 7, before opening the game, run the client with administrator rights. Your keys will work immediately with no problems.

i apar toate canalele nchise?
The firewall or the antivirus are the problem. The first solution is to deactivate the firewall from your antivirus, or the uninstall of the antivirus. It can happen that the game might be in tehnical mentenance, and the channels to be closed from our end. If you can't access the site or in the right at ''status'' informations appear with red, it means that the game state is in mentenance and you have to come back later.


1. Închideți toate jocurile Metin2 deschise, puteți da un restart ca să fiți sigur ca sunt închise. Rulați din nou jocul.
2. Faceți update la driverele plăcii video. Link-uri utile(drivere placi video:
Drivere Nvidia.
Drivere AMD(ATI).
Divere Intel
3.Pentru placile video NVIDIA : Deschideti NVIDIA control panel. La Rezolutie debifați "Show only TV

3.Pentru placile video AMD : Deschideți AMD Catalyst Control Center. La punctul "Properties (Digital Flat-Panel)" (gasit sub "Desktops and Displays" > "My Digital Flat-Panels") debifați "Show only TV resolutions".

Problema apare de regula pe Windows 10 la laptopuri cu placa grafica integrată INTEL (mai ales la laptopuri HP)
1. Faceți update la driverele plăcii video.
2. Dezinstalam joc
3. Click dreapta pe ecran și alegem : Graphics Proprieties
4. Alegem tab-ul Display

5. Selectam modul avansat. Alegem custom resolutions si setam o rezolutie de width 800 Height 600 Refresh rate 60

6. Instalam jocul
5. Intram în joc /configurație setam aceiași parametrii 800x600x60


Minimum system requirements
OS - Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
CPU - Pentium 3 1GHz
Memory - 512M
Hard Drive - 1 GB
Graphics card memory - Graphics card memory with minimum 32MB RAM
Soundboard - Support DirectX 9.0
Mouse - Mouse compatible with the Windows
Recommended system requirements
OS - Win XP, Win 2000, Win Vista, Win 7
CPU - Pentium 4 1.8GHz
Memory - 1G
Hard Drive - 2 GB
Graphics card memory - Graphics card memory of minimum 64MB RAM
Soundboard - Support DirectX 9.0
Mouse - Mouse compatible with the Windows

Insufficient graphics memory can cause memory loss of FPS. Configure your game settings to avoid this problem. In the case that the download is taking place at the same time with several users, this can be lower, so please be patient.